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Employee Benefits

SeeKing HR offers a variety of benefits to full time, part time and managed staffing employees.  Our work environment is business casual with an emphasis on work-life-balance.  SeeKing HR sponsors a number of wellness initiatives annually including 5K Walk/Runs that also support the local community.   Staff employees are offered opportunities to work a flexible schedule.  In addition, employees are given an opportunity to learn about their work behavior through a variety of company sponsored assessments; including Strengths Finders®.

SeeKing HR Staff Benefits

Full Time Employees

  • Healthcare Allowance
  • Gym Membership Allowance
  • Retirement Savings Plan
  • Paid Vacation
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Volunteer Hours
  • Professional Development
  • Warehouse Club Membership

Part Time Employees

  • Healthcare Reimbursement
  • Retirement Savings Plan
  • Paid Vacation
  • Paid Holidays

Managed Staffing Assignments

  • Retirement Savings Plan
  • Paid Vacation – as approved by Client
  • Paid Holidays – as approved by Client

Direct Hire Placements

  • Benefits offered to direct hire placements are based solely on the Client’s total rewards package.  SeeKing HR has no influence on Client offerings.